I wanted to share the difference I have seen with the three diesel engines that I added CamGaurd Heavy Duty to. I have used a variety of oil additives for years with never being able to see any difference in my oil analysis. I recently received my first oil analysis on my 5.9 Cummins. All wear metals were cut in half. In addition, all three engines have shown a noticeable change in mileage.

Thank you for producing an oil additive that actually makes a big difference.

Don Fellwock


Given my experiences, I am very concerned about engine reliability. After reviewing the test data for CamGuard, I felt using it could improve my engine reliability. I can honestly say that once I started using CamGuard my engine is running smoother and I have confidence it will continue to perform properly in the brutal air show environment.

Jacquie B. Warda

Jacquie B. Airshows


The sales history is phenomenal. Sales volume has been so much more than we expected that we find ourselves placing another order as soon as the previous order arrives.

Desiree Czaplinski



We don’t accept sponsors unless we believe in their product. CamGuard is in our engines because they take a beating during airshows, and we need dependable performance. I am constantly running the engine from full power to idle and back again during drunken pilot comedy routine, and that can’t be good on the engine. I figured CamGuard had to help under these harsh conditions and it has.

Kyle Franklin

Franklin Flying Circus & Airshow


Corrosion is by far the biggest reason engines don’t make it to TBO. ASL CamGuard is a corrosion inhibitor that’s particularly helpful for preventing corrosion in engines that have periods of inactivity—typical of many owner-operated airplanes.

Mike Busch

Saavy Aviator


At the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In 2009 we probably had about 100 people visiting our display asking if we carried CamGuard. We didn’t know anything about the product so we contacted CamGuard and decided this was a product we needed to stock. CamGuard is a great seller for us.

Eric Cleveland

Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In 2009


I was very concerned about my camshaft in my Lycoming engine. My iron levels were VERY high until I added CamGuard and now the iron levels are very low. CamGuard is in every one of my crank cases!

Kevin Kraddic

Sun-N-Fun 2012


Best stuff on the market!

Randy B.

Sun-n-Fun 2012


My 0320 has always had an oil leak around the prop seal. After my first oil change using CamGuard, my oil leak went away! My oil consumption was also gone down as well.

Mr. Pierce

Sun-N-Fun 2012


My infrequently driven 1993 Dodge Dynasty with 130,000 miles suffered from noticeable valve clatter for the past two years. At oil change ( May 2012) I added a pint of CamGuard Auto and started the engine. After about 30 seconds the valve clatter noise reduced by a factor of five. It went from nuisance to barely noticeable. If anyone else has doubts, have them call me.

Alan Brunner

Wichita, KS


About halfway through the second oil change while using CamGuard, the oil stopped seeping. If CamGuard provides no other benefit, I am sold on the product.

Doug Haughton

CamGuard User