Seal Conditioning

Most seals (gaskets) are elastomeric materials and are found throughout the engine. They keep the oil inside the engine while allowing mechanical motions to run through the engine from inside to outside i.e. the crankshaft and allow access to engine components.

Heat and time harden and shrink seals so that over the years oil weeping becomes a common occurrence. CamGuard nullifies these effects to keep seals supple and doing their job.

Degraded Seal Due to commercial oil addictive attack

Certain additives, found in some commercial oils and additives, can break down and lead to seal degradation and need for premature seal replacement. See Figure 1. CamGuard mitigates this problem by blocking aggressive chemical attack.

Man On Fire

This man is attempting to simulate the environment a typical seal would experience inside an engine. (He is a professional, Do not attempt!)


CamGuard is the only lubricant product to undergo certification testing in the extremes of aerobatic use and the first product ever tested at large public gatherings. During certification nearly one million people witnessed CamGuard in action at air shows throughout the US.