CamGuard Oil Additive (Marine) – 8oz Single Bottle

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CamGuard Marine is sold in an 8oz bottle.

CamGuard Marine contains powerful multi-metal corrosion inhibitors that prevent rust and corrosion in infrequently used engines.

CamGuard Marine employs unique demulsifying additives that prevent water and oil emulsion formation that leads to soft sludge corrosion prevalent in marine engine applications.

CamGuard Marine significantly reduces wear in sustained high power marine use platforms. It contains advanced phosphorus-free anti-wear additives that work synergistically with the low level zinc anti-wear in marine oils.

CamGuard Marine provides excellent anti-scuff protection, during “dry” starts after periods of prolonged inactivity, by maintaining a residual active film on critical parts.

CamGuard Marine utilizes multiple antioxidants to decompose reactive free radicals that enter the oil through blow-by fuel produced by the engine’s combustion process. CamGuard Marine prevents varnish formation on critical engine parts. This is particularly important in carbureted and fuel injected marine engines set up with “rich” mixtures used for maximum power.

CamGuard Marine contains seal conditioners that nullify the effects of heat and time to keep seals supple, flexible, and performing like new.

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