CamGuard Oil Additive (Automotive) – 8oz Single Bottle

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CamGuard Automotive is a blend of high performance additives that fortify modern engine oils to provide the utmost in engine protection. Modern commercial engine oil formulations are at best a compromise due to government regulations and costs. These constraints lead to reduced additive concentrations and subsequently reduced performance.

CamGuard Automotive delivers uncompromising performance, using advanced technology, to directly address the problems of wear, deposits and corrosion to extend engine life of gasoline engines.

CamGuard Automotive significantly reduces wear using advanced anti-wear additives that work synergistically with the modern standard low levels of zinc anti-wear used in passenger car oils. It contains no phosphorus and it will not adversely affect catalytic converters.

CamGuard Automotive is particularly useful in older engine designs utilizing flat tappet valve trains especially when using modern, mandated lower zinc (phosphorus), oils.

CamGuard Automotive provides excellent anti wear protection, during “dry” starts after periods of prolonged inactivity, by maintaining a residual activefilm on critical parts.

CamGuard Automotive utilizes multiple antioxidants to preserve and prolong the life of the zinc and phosphorus in the modern oils. They also prevent varnish formation by decomposing reactive free radicals, from the blow-by fuel, which is particularly important in high performance carbureted or fuel injected engines running “rich” mixtures for maximum power.

CamGuard Automotive utilizes unique friction modifiers that reside in the high temperature and heavily loaded areas of the engine to provide a measurable increase in fuel economy.

CamGuard Automotive contains seal conditioners that nullify the effects of heat and time to keep seals supple, flexible, and performing like new.

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