Humidity Cabinet


We performed additional corrosion testing using the latest humidity cabinet testing procedure, DIN 50017. This is a worldwide reference test procedure showing both greater repeatability, test to test, and greater reproducibility, lab to lab, than the ASTM 1748.

Tested were 20W-50 semi-synthetic (SS), 15W-50 semi-synthetic (SS), 20W-50 AD, W100 AD and W100 storage oil. Both semi-synthetic oils and the storage oil have corrosion inhibitor packages.

This test is cyclic and uses distilled water. One cycle is 24 hours (1 day) and consists of 8 hours at 100% relative humidity (condensing) at a temperature of 122 degrees F followed by 16 hours at ambient humidity at a temperature of 75 degrees F. Matte finish sandblasted, SAE 1010 mild steel panels were used for this testing. The panels were dipped in the oils and then allowed to drip/drain for 2 hours.


Figure 1

Figure 1 shows the average number of days to the appearance of significant rust on the panels. All of the oils show a remarkable improvement with the addition of CamGuard. Moreover, all of the samples with CamGuard showed an impressive improvement over the long-term storage oil.


CamGuard– The 5% Solution

* Turbocharged engine acceptance pending


CamGuard is the only lubricant product to undergo certification testing in the extremes of aerobatic use and the first product ever tested at large public gatherings. During certification nearly one million people witnessed CamGuard in action at air shows throughout the US.