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“I wanted to share the difference I have seen with the three diesel engines that I added CamGaurd Heavy Duty to. I have used a variety of oil additives for years with never being able to see any difference in my oil analysis. I recently received my first oil analysis on my 5.9 Cummins. All wear metals were cut in half. In addition, all three engines have shown a noticeable change in mileage.

Thank you for producing an oil additive that actually makes a big difference.”

– CamGuard User, Don Fellwock

Friction Reduction with CamGuard HD Diesel

Let’s face it, if you came to this page looking for information, you are most likely a professional grade person looking to extract the most out of your heavy duty diesel powered equipment. You came to the right place. CamGuard HD Diesel is a no-nonsense, scientifically developed product that does exactly what it claims. It’s based on the very successful CamGuard Aviation product used by pilots and aircraft owners who are data driven people. They use periodic oil analysis to measure wear metals and track the health of their engines. The data is clear and consistently showing 30-50% reductions in engine wear. This same technology combined with a strong friction reducer provides an ideal combination for professional diesel equipment users. Read on to see how CamGuard HD Diesel pays for itself in lower engine maintenance and better specific fuel consumption.

CamGuard HD Diesel is a blend of high performance additives that fortify Heavy-Duty (HD) Diesel oils to provide the utmost in engine protection. Commercial HD oil formulations are at best a compromise due to cost, new oil specification delays and government regulations. Cost pressures lead to reduced additive concentrations as well as the inability to utilize the latest additive technology, both of which lead to less than optimum performance.

CamGuard HD Diesel delivers uncompromised performance using the most advanced additive technology available to dramatically lower friction, reduce wear, decrease deposit buildup and prevent corrosion when used in commercial HD Diesel oils.

CamGuard HD Diesel utilizes the latest generation of friction modifiers that provide a measurable increase in fuel economy throughout the oil change interval. HD oils have no requirement for fuel economy improvement, as do their automotive counterpart, which makes little sense when the benefits far outweigh the costs.

CamGuard HD Diesel contains advanced antiwear additives that provide a dramatic reduction in wear when compared to current ZDDP (zinc) containing oils. This improvement in wear performance is very important in older technology engines utilizing the mandated reduced zinc (ZDDP) oils. An additional benefit of reduced wear is less iron in the oil, which promotes oxidation and deposit formation.


CamGuard HD Diesel provides enhanced engine and lubricant protection in the face of high soot loadings, increased NOx levels, and is excellent for engines utilizing EGR, which is so hard on lubricants.

CamGuard HD Diesel utilizes advanced antioxidants to prevent cylinder varnish and ring belt deposits. This is particularly important in the high fueling rates and higher temperature profiles typical of these hard working engines.

CamGuard HD Diesel contains potent multi-metal corrosion inhibitors that prevent rust and corrosion in seasonally or infrequently used engines.

CamGuard HD Diesel contains seal conditioners that nullify the effects of heat and time to keep seals supple, flexible, and performing like new.

CamGuard HD Diesel is safe for use in all Heavy Duty Diesel engines and will not affect modern emission systems.


CamGuard HD Diesel is available in a 16oz bottle.
Add 1.6oz per quart at each oil change.* Also available
in gallons. Available at many fine dealers. Download Brochure



[Click on the images for a larger view] The graph above shows the friction coefficients of two of the top selling Heavy-Duty diesel oils with and without CamGuard HD Diesel. The friction coefficient serves as an excellent indicator of fuel economy and is a primary consideration of automotive oils. In Heavy-Duty diesel oil testing, fuel economy it is not measured or even considered. The tests were performed at an independent lab utilizing an industry standard method (FALEX Block on Ring tribometer). The test procedure consists of heating the oils to 200 degrees F, then slowly raising the contact pressure and measuring the coefficient of friction.


The red bars show the friction coefficients for each untreated oils. The blue bars show the friction coefficient with 5% CamGuard HD Diesel. This remarkable reduction in the friction offers substantial benefits in terms of boosting fuel economy and reducing oil temperatures over untreated commercial Heavy-Duty oils.

The CamGuard Story began with CamGuard Aviation
which was developed as an ultra-high performance aviation product.

[Click on the images for a larger view] The photos above are pistons removed from two different Lycoming IO-540 aircraft engines. The piston on the left is from our FAA certification engine using CamGuard for 500 hours. The certification test was in an aerobatic aircraft that utilized very high power settings resulting in extremely high temperatures. The piston on the right was taken from a non-aerobatic aircraft engine that was flown at typical cruise power settings, without CamGuard, for 500 hours. The difference in deposits is striking. Because of this extraordinary experience, we expanded the CamGuard family to include other applications.  To learn more about why CamGuardAviation was created click here.

*Read product label for specific usage instructions.


CamGuard is the only lubricant product to undergo certification testing in the extremes of aerobatic use and the first product ever tested at large public gatherings. During certification nearly one million people witnessed CamGuard in action at air shows throughout the US.