Engine Oil Analysis


Wear Metals

Here is the typical response of a lower time engine when starting on CamGuard.

In the above graph, the average of three analyses with 20W-50 semi-synthetic oil without CamGuard is shown in red. The average of two subsequent analyses of the same oil with CamGuard is shown in blue. There is a dramatic reduction in all metals when using CamGuard on a per hour basis. The + 10 % error bars are shown to reinforce the significant difference that is achieved with the use of CamGuard.

CamGuard – The 5% Solution

* Turbocharged engine acceptance pending


CamGuard is the only lubricant product to undergo certification testing in the extremes of aerobatic use and the first product ever tested at large public gatherings. During certification nearly one million people witnessed CamGuard in action at air shows throughout the US.