CamGuard user to circumnavigate the Earth

CamGuard user Bill Harrelson will attempt yet another world record! His plan is to circumnavigate the Earth over the North & South poles in world record time. Bill departed Kinston, NC on 28 December 2014 in his purpose-built Lancair IV, N6ZQ, bound for Brazil on his first leg. Conditions are such that he may stretch the first leg enough to overfly Brazil, instead landing at Montevideo, Uruguay.

To track the flight in near real time with updates every 4 minutes or less:  then click on Tracks and on most current date)
If Bill stays on schedule he should arrive on or around 5 January 2015 at Fairbanks, AK. From Fairbanks, Bill will fly the last leg of his mission back to Kinston, NC.
Please join CamGuard in wishing Bill tailwinds and blue skies!

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