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Hello Dane here again with came guard end of every check us out our website at a units gives a call phone and 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 was lately we’ve been talking about the history of the pony car wars between the four Mustang Chevy Camaro the Pontiac Firebird and the that other car so one interesting thing about the history between visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive these cars is that the start of the 60s and he 64 four Mustang was designed and the we fall in its history only from its inception only to modern-day we then looked into the history of Chevy Camaro from its inception the lift Monday will looking at his history of the Chevy Camaro in is one thing at the year that the year Camaro was impeded by the ability of the Corvette out with this being said the Corvette kept the Camaro from having a certain Western horsepower and certain.

Performance ability this was due to the Corvettes the Artie established niche in the market which became a permanent fixture the GM lineup in 1960 the Corvette initially stir off 1953 as a cardiac grocery order from GM is with this since cars on the word from GM for me were made is with our less body V-6 engine that they really musically impressive that it’s her sense dealers and visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive use one of having more than socio-floor for the year is over and the new cars arrived as this came from there eventually going to they decided to scrap the Corvette and forget about however the sentence in the skin of the run V-8 engine and receiving calls for differences so they did this this turned his success and the Corvette has the continue to grow popular since it however to soak up Camaro wraps his only concern performance for 13 a quarter market and the prophets.

Is made of Corvette versus the cheaper Camaro so were falling the Corvette through from its inception only to modern-day and doing this to be certain 1853 and were to with 1978 was been lots of interesting things happening with to the Corvettes and said but it’s been crying about and the roof to sell that we 1978. Stingray model in the stingray print on the back of the car and gone to the visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive racing flags that they had sent started and the sun 70 Corvette. Othello that and in the 30s Carissa rated 75th anniversary of I where we are for info so you will want check that I go ahead towards the sun see said does not hatchback as special 20 anniversary badging and also included a unique charcoal silver-silver metallic two-tone paint job this is not a limited-edition 15,000 these are made and ousted the pace car for me 500 with its.

Unique patient paint job which is a black over silver two-tone with a red pinstripe the engine that was test for this year is a 350 in.³ with 220 hp 0 to 16 6.5 seconds ended the quarter mile 15.2 seconds and 95 miles an hour the drive trenches cars the base was an L 48 the 350 in.³ is a woman four barrel carburetor hundred 80 hp and 280 foot-pounds of torque the next little of was a visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive RPL L 48 with three and 50 in.³ one by four barrel carburetor hundreds a 5 hp and two and 70 foot-pounds of torque and the top of the list was an L 80 to 350 in.³ woman for real carburetor 220 hp into and 60 foot-pounds of torque some of the available transmissions is a three speed automatic turbo high dramatic and enforce B manual so factory color interior options is a classic white and silver metallic silver anniversary in the silver a black a black silver a Corvette frost.

Blue Corvette yellow Corvette frosted beige a red mahogany and dark blue and dark brown he factory interior option color was a moisture a silver and black and dark blue and red light beige and dark brown some of these in the options at the Corvette had and this some pretty interesting more for Caribbean 20th anniversary but also is continually going strong and that one thing this noteworthy is the newest these horsepower is overall lower than it used to be as to visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive the emission standards was created during 70s and these engines are trying to for your way to add horsepower to these engines and is also performance areas they can are limited to also the standard some have created a dark age of the automobile 70s did have somethings to consider one of 10 consider is you Bylund Scarpelli protected we do that is with our product came guard.

CamGuard fights rust and corrosion reduces came lister where prevents engine deposits and conditions engine seals so has a do this will fights rust and corrosion may creating a molecule thick barrier that gives between the metal parts and the oil engine to do this is molecule thick barrier it’s on gets on the metal parts and it keeps the oil suspended on the parts so in doing visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive this the parts are protected parts are first protected by the by this anticorrosion additive and that the keys will spend on the and keep them from being out in the elements post ailments were they can get rust and exposed to moisture they can develop rust and pitting this molecule may be attached to the metal parts inking them protected also protects them from the corrosion that element that occurs in the blow-by from the engine this blow-by Z in DTP and the studies on this and.

How exactly Z in DTP works with it affecting the engine and whether the solid mass of it or the gaseous massive it is actually what affects the camshaft and corrodes metal this however is included that in 91 exactly does it by itself but and acting conjunction to affect the camshaft in a way some parts it protects your engine is it is from came guard is said the reduction in came lister where he is reduction in came lister where by a sacrificial molecule the sacrificial molecule gets on the surface of the camshaft and a broken service lister where it is attracted the friction is broken down into the fine film that fine film and then coats the top of lister as the lister rotates in the camshaft scripting is lister the lifter is protected because the camshaft scripting is fine film instead of scraping the actual metal of the lister now this bright this Alleman two came guard is also attracted to other high friction areas such as cylinder walls the hotspot Stonewall we trying to build up there to fill that visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive


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