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Hello Dane here with CamGuard 826-9252 or 918-836-6872 so lately we’ve been kind going through the history of the pony car wars between the four Mustang Chevy Camaro the Pontiac Trans Am and the Farber some looking these different cars we look that the four Mustang from its inception all the way up to the current date and the Chevy Camaro from its inception Allington’s current date so with this we had examinees to cars lister things about them in the resetting car more stuff on the track which will be the history of the Chevy Corvette alley on this track because Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive  we know something that the Camaro in looking at these cars when I was the one that the Camaro had some elements to it the or can issue one a couldn’t is announced horsepower due to the existence of the Corvette this is due to the fact that the Corvette existed and basins all.

Longer but also the GM did not want the market Corvette cut into by the Camaro now in this aspect the Corvette was car protected because eight was worth more money to and sales some then wanted being cut into on its market due to the fact that the Corvette would be, rise that you were car that had send performance elements some you want to staff so Jim instead send on the Camaro of the Anchorage the so by the Corvette elements to and the time it happened some with that Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive  work away from beginning Corvette if 1954 is first design and Wardwell believes the current year I one resource reason for this is my classic three website for valuing these things that time in doing this we looked at the history of the Corvette as Corvette started off as V-6 engines only car with is unable to be ordered from the factory you cannot just to do ship.

Purchases car at the order specifically light the efficiently said to be available to the factory food to dealers in addition to curing the car will from zero to with this is that the car service popularity stroke after release and it was lost popularity they are still been sitting around for the next regression of the cervical problem and she resided we’re going to only old women allow the Corvette to ready for V-8 Corvette see what happens and is this and where there’s canceled for a separate Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive  V-8 Corvette and is a successful with that the carbon took off them is makes a successful some release over to way up from beginning in 224 and or 918 82 S&H need to that is the leisure the third-generation were the first the sharks the new your interest fuel injection engine first-time 17 years and no manual transmissions variable a new automatic transmission was installed the.

And locking in but all first gear in the new solenoid operated a small flap in the hood a lot of fresh air into the engine during withdrawal isolation there was a click tradition rather 6000 and produced featured a rear glass second open allied access to storage area very bronze source green tea top that crossline emblems for the lectures addition on some of the aspects of your performance with this car is a three or 50 in.³ engine with 200 hp it’s did 06 and some .9 seconds a did the court file 16.1 seconds at 84 miles an hour of the drivetrain is Filson L 83 three or 50 in.³ crossfire fuel injection engine at 200 hp and 285 pounds of torque and a four speed Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive  transmission is automatic or more manual exterior options for color was a white a red a black and charcoal metallic is silver metallic a silver blue metallic silver gray metallic and dirt for metallic a bright blue.

Metallic gold metallic and dark clarinet a silver/dark clarinet a silver blue/dark blue a silver charcoal a white silver and the enteric options was a camel and dark blue a silver gray a dark red and charcoal silver green some was always you protects car warming protected is by using our product came guard came guard fights rust and corrosion reduces came lister where prevents engine deposits and conditions engine seals some is a do all this while fights rust and corrosion by creating a molecule thick barrier between the oils in the engine and the metal Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive parts engine is molecule the Barry keeps the oil suspended on the metal parts so doing that the metal parts are protected and as well parts protected they are protected from the elements through or from rust by keeping the oil continually spending on them but also from the corrosion that occurs.

During the burning gasoline especially during blow-by so with this the engine is safe and happy came guard also reduces came and licked her where as a do this does this the resect molecule and second molecule it’s on the surface of lister and lots lister is broken down to find Bill a five film is and scraped off by the camshaft is excreted through service lister is doing this it’s great for service lister the camshaft the roof protected this film scraped off and is scrapped off Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive more sacrificial molecules right to replace it so with this be going on the and the boys we scraped off the and protect these a savage molecules are also seek out other friction area specifically hotspot in Arizona will the.

Piston rubbing the surface molecule can help as well aspect of came guard is this engine deposits does this by blocking the receptors of the heavy particles are created during the very fuel blow-by receptors naturally attracted to each other in a form larger molecules says their form larger molecules the terms sludge so with these molecules if these going to connect to each other to sludge they suspended in the oil to voltage so keep your car protected so that you can take it to all the cruise nights and continue to enjoy it as long as you would like Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 oil additive

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