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July 31 were fresh back from our air show in Oshkosh Wisconsin at the EAA annual air fest stem here from  Visit or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.oil additive company got ASL cam check out our full line of oil additives or you can call us at 91866872 you will be happy to visit with you about any questions that you may have DAA air venture 2017 we had the opportunity to visit with a lot of our customers a lot of potential customers we saw thousands of different types of airplanes warbirds is the aircraft that were used during World War II the they paid tribute to Jimmy Doolittle in the first he rose to the Doolittle raid on Tokyo the last surviving pilot was there coal was there he’s hundred one years old and got to see a to see that event and so he was really an exciting time for Camguard oil additives will yet show off our full line of the oil additive products but we also.

Got to talk to a lot of our folks about our aviation oil additive package there were thousands of airplanes at that event in fact so many airplanes that they had close the airfield twice because they didn’t have parking for all the airplanes and so it was a extremely well attended a lot of people on the ground a lot of campers great airshow the Navy blue Angels flu during the events so Visit or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872. it was a is a really fun time a lot of kids there which is always glad Royce Clancy up-and-coming pilots the student aviation and ready to leave for Louisville Kentucky Wednesday the second Camguard oil additive team is in the Lexington Kentucky T 10 National St., Rod Association this is the first time the attending that show so we can be really happy T the customers at their and.

Premier are automobile will lated product to those individuals that oil additive product is designed specifically for automobiles and especially advantage vintage or automobiles that these particular type people have the day that we have several museums and old car users that is love cam guard product because it helps keep their seals pliable so they don’t dry out health and corrosion at these car sit for long periods of time there only started when neither taken on an off trailers Visit or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.and so it’s really important to have an oil additive package in the by declaration help with that where is there seldom run and help with the seal degradation were going to arrive there on Wednesday the show starts on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday severe in the Louisville area and show MCS.

Will be exhibiting in the big exhibit hall right by the entrance and there were also going to be in the new product display and so were going to be really happy to show off our automotive product oil additive horse does the same for things in all of our oil additive are also do some other stuff different plans but the four main things that is forcing bats corrosion it helps with deposit formations Visit or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.that occur in the fuel debris in the oil it helps with anti-wear molecules friction modifiers help the engine run smoother run easier and that it also has molecules and additives that help my today were going to prepare to do another blend of aviation oil additive product you probably producing 5000 bottles produce the highest quality aviation product available out there with your oil additive got.

ASL cam click on learn more about and tell you all about the oil additive line product line we have tell all about the difference in the oil additives are testing procedures was used about making oil additive products we want to make sure that the utmost quality product is delivered to you the end user are during our production are oil additive product is altered five separate times before it ever goes into a bottle so it’s important us to deliver a quality product you the end-user make sure that product is properly gets to you in the highest quality that the go three the next rest of the summer months using our cam guard automotive product and all of our shop drugs all of our vehicles that we use because, the mix is engines work harder but with the automotive.

And the small engine came guard oil additive packages anti-friction modifiers where additives help those engines run smoother run cooler run easier and provide help us provide good longevity out of those engines take a business that has a big fleet of cars and save them 5% on fuel mileage and Visit or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or them 20 3040% or more on repair costs and downtime that’s a big that a big number for their bottom line so we got several fleet users that use our product basis just for that reason several farm farms and small farms use our product in their farming with such as there are heavy-duty oil additive package is in their combines or tractors back is bulldozers all kinds of different equipment to bring their prophecy while we were in Wisconsin flying linebacker flying over several.

Tens of thousands of acres worn that said state of Iowa produces and I’m sure the majority of it is going ethanol production that we were watching them harvest that product if those combines those equipment and heavy equipment sees Darvocet product goes down the problem that product to market these is big money important does service properly in the running properly and said that on and spend that money cam guard heavy-duty oil additive product sure that that you got  Visit or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.look at the heavy-duty oil product see is used for you having questions email us or call us at 91866872 be glad to visit with you about full line of products aviation heavy-duty small engine marine in automobile were very proud of our products once you to do the.

Preventative maintenance on your engines so that you get longevity in the lasting service out of the zinc situation get your average car now think probably cost somewhere around 30 $35,000 and most people can afford to buy that kind of vehicle and then a couple years down the road or the first year the second year start having engine problems Replace motors put that money into those cars so with a little bit of preventative maintenance using the cam guard automotive oil additive product Vin lot in this instance got ASL cam it’s all one word Visit or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.


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