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Hello Dane again here with CamGuard you can chicks our website at or call us at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 we are a premier oil additive and love to talk to you about your car and how we can improve so lately we’ve been in doing a year-by-year rundown of the four Mustang starting in 1964 and half and go after the modern era so the 1964 have Mustang was released halfway visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 through the year 1964 it’s actually a 19 65 Mustang those released early Ford then took the Mustang continue to be oil additive for the body and beef up the engine through the 60s and early 70s through 1973 and they were doing this in order to be old to be competitive in was called the pony wars this is between the smaller to were sports cars muscle cars people recall.

Muscle cars Kaiser smaller but they were competitive from 1964 through 73 and the this is between the Camaro the Mustang in the Firebird and Thunderbird varies from cars like does so what did for do eventually they be set up until the topped out with the Shelby GT 500 about 1974 there is a OPEC crisis where oil was of big problem and the four visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 decided redesigned the car’s in doing this they took the car respect that is normal size and then they oil additive chop the engine back down to the hundreds of horsepower low hundred’s in doing this the piston off the Mustang doozies however they had record number sales that year so they read the market correctly and their goal is to make money some Ford then went up through 1978 with this concept and the sales we dwindled in 19 794 redesign the.

Mustang again to the Fox body style which the use of to 1983 or 19 seven the Mustang was basically unchanged up to 19 82 that in 1993 four canal the cobra version of the Fox body and then put the Fox by to bed and the old came out with the new design so now we’re to the visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 2003 they finished that series and other on to the next series some two dozen three is big year for forward in the Mustang they release and all new mock one and they debuted it 305 oil additive hp double overhead came V-8 the shaker hood scoop the SVT cobra was reinvented featured a supercharged 4.6 L double over came V-8 with 390 hp us on the and of both Mustangs health and become what it is today sows culture some the stats on so the first engine size is 3.8 L V-6 wish I came and hundred 93 hp and 220 foot-.

Pounds of torque for the next a 4.6 L single array cam V-8 with a 260 hp and 302 foot-pounds of torque the next is a 4.6 L double overhead can V-8 mock one at 305 hp and 320 foot-pounds of torque LSE the big boy the 4.6 L double recant V-8 cobra 309 hp and 390 foot-pounds of torque is not too bad so some rear interior trim options extirpate there’s visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 zinc yellow which is be seven torch read he nine laser red ES sonic blue S in True Blue L2 dark oil additive shadow gray CX Tropic green SU red fire G2 mineral gray TK black is you a as usual sewer is why and Oxford White is C-1 is zero blue is L5 and for your interior paints sorry. Are panels and such medium parchment is H medium graphite is to dark charcoal as W and way Oxford is is the the Ford also came with several transmission options.

Three point leader V-6 and came with the T5 manual or for our 70 W-4 speed iMac 4.6 L single array came V-8 came with a for our 70 W-4 speed automatic and a or ATR 3650 manual the 4.68 or double recant be mock one in a for our 75 W-4 speed automatic or TR 3650 manual and the be boy 4.6 L double recant V-8 cobra came with a T 56 manual some visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 what are some ways you protect this car out one way you can do that was of the product came guard we do that by first checking on our website at or give us call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 so is camerawork was came guard do came guard fights rust and corrosion it reduces came lister where prevents engine deposits.

And conditions engine seals so has a do this fights rust and corrosion by adding a molecule thick barrier between the parts the of the metal on the or engine parts and between in the oil in doing this the oil stays on the parts to where the parts are continually lubricated but it also oil additive adds friction inhibitor is to keep parts from rubbing his extremities they would normally so fight rust and corrosion the parts canticle over the oil of the reducing came visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 and licked her where the parts are  showed through friction modifiers and to keep them happy and healthy came guard also prevents engine deposits is as a do this we keeps a hard the heavy molecules that are created during the burning of zinc in the burning gasoline suspended in the oil so that they do not fall out of the oil down.

In the oil pan and become sludge the bottom engine but instead there suspended in the oil innervated on next oil change this feature is also very useful when and its can came guard is conditioning in the engines seals in doing this cam guard allows the carbon that is behind the rings to naturally hard to break up and fall off into the oil also that being said the it keeps information more carbon the engine is then the slowly reared of carbon naturally and so using a detergent with that oil additive the it the seals are allowed to return the natural viscosity and are pliable again and are precedents of silver walls better out with that happening the compression is approved due to the engines the seals being correctly with that attic compression eliminate blow-by and you also have increased gas mileage with the these features so as with features came guard you she is came guard in order vehicles to protect engine but also such you TVU is running for one. Time so future generations can drove visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.

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