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The premier company of oil additives is ASL cam guard oil company you got check out all the oil additive product line aviation automobile heavy-duty marine small engine each one of those oil additive products is designed specifically for each one of those types of motors so that you Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 know you get the utmost preventative maintenance coverage you need for those engines might stem from ASL cam guard our oil additive package for all of our oil additive products primarily focus on being for things corrosion protection to keep rust and corrosion forming in as engines so that you do not have abnormal wear part failure deposit formation is just as important to prevent because deposits because of the types of fuels and uses of these engines will form

throughout that engine and they will deposit themselves in around the rings around valve guides cause sticky the house cause bows and close properly cause oil consumption they will deposit themselves around rings and rings to stick compression cylinders so the deposit formation additive package with Camguard is extremely important the anti-friction molecules where additives that help prevent cold start engine and all the oil is drained back in the crankcase these additives allow that lubrication stay in place on those parts C never have bare-metal against bare-metal start dating a large percentage of where occurs in engines when that happens that are using the ASL came guard oil additive in the fourth thing is the molecules that are in at oil additive package

to help keep your seals pliable seals drying out and weeping oil and so those of the four things and all of our oil additive products the now some of them in which engines are designed for do some additional different things but those of the four primary goals we graded ASL cam guard me we sent our oil Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 additive packets literally hundreds of different labs and people for them to look at aviation consumer magazine Beechcraft Cessna pilots Association of the car manufacturers manufactured we sent our products T have them Testaments their sales independently of any tests that we can all we asked him to do was to be honest and writes an article that says your product does exactly what you said the majority of them come back all of them back and said yes your product does

exactly what you said as and some of them come back and said yes your product does exactly what you said that is in and it does more and so been extremely happy the testing is gone on our product and you got ASL cam that’s ASL cam guard all one and all of our test data is available Ross around the promotional event right now where you can get free shipping Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 on your first came guard order and so we would really love for you to get ASL cam contact us if you have any questions or you have any anecdotal stories to share with us about your Camguard additive usage we are headed to the Oshkosh Wisconsin July for the big annual EAA experimental aircraft Association event to their there will be thousands of airplanes

thousands of people at the them were in hanger B is a boy and we would be glad to have you come and visit us the Camguard the talk about our oil additive product line after that show you to be in Louisville Kentucky and were going to the and SRA National St., Rod Association are show in Louisville will be thousands of cars there hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different vendors will be at that show in looking at 14 have the chance to visit some people better our automotive oil additive what it does for their cards several years ago the PA ordered the oil makers to remove all the zinc the oil is seen as a automotive oils was a big anti-where additives especially the older cars type vehicles so ASL cam guard will additive product allows that

engine to run because the friction modifiers replaces zinc and actually does a better job because it also corrosion protection deposit formation in the seal degradation so we been extremely fortunate with our Camguard additive products encourage you get ASL came check out all of our test at all is a button there that says learn more you click on it to all about the each oil additive product if you have any questions call us at 918836687C that’s 91866872 and we will be more than happy to visit with you about Camguard oil additive product line we’ve had that great success with that product line continue to work towards making sure that we provide absolutely near best oil additive product line out there for you to put more engines to give you the protection

that she preventative maintenance is what makes engines last long keeps you from having to be additional repairs and so Camguard oil additive products are the premier preventative maintenance product out because they help you get longevity your engine that you should be getting in your spending a little bit of money on oil additive product instead of spending tons of money on replacing the engine aircraft engines are extremely expensive to repair automobile engines are extremely expensive there heavy-duty engines that tractors combines those types of things are extremely expensive to repair or replace small engines and generators expensive to repair and are expensive to replace and so Camguard oil additive company we believe preventative

maintenance is messing so that your spending your money elsewhere instead of having to spend on placing the engine work costly repairs because they parts gain stopped because of deposit formations or part corroded starting abnormal wear as part failure or your oil my settling seals and gaskets or got apart started an apple matter because friction modifiers are in their so that you never have metal on metal bar parts to common sense are oil additive product in your vehicle cost pennies compared to the place and parts place in the Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.


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