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Hi Dane here with the Camguard the premier oil additive company you can find us at Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.some sitting here today and I’m looking at some facts about the history of the Chevy Camaro and was pretty interesting about the Chevy Camaro was first off the Chevy Camaro is almost named the panther very interesting completed for Naaman who knows he may not have even heard of it are men of Collin comes poverty was is today if the data been called the panther so what else is interesting about the Camaro is that it’s a Canadian import from 1993 to 2002 that upon it and the funny eight Pontiac Firebird were actually built in St. 30s Québec Montréal suburban and the Camaro actually the word means nothing has no meaning at all to it unlike other cars like the.

Mustang or the charger to the barracuda or any of those cars and actually the name Camaro actually has no meaning it’s contrived from a moniker which is two words combined muchly Camry or Corolla and some would say it’s the French sling for the term friend so was interesting Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872. about the Camaro is that with its history and its extensive history and through Chevy many people on the older Camaros and have a need to protect the engines on them and have to keep them running into how long engine life so one thing that we can be used to do that is our premier oil additive cam guard so what is came guard do exactly came guard fights corrosion by having a single molecule barrier attached between the method sits between the metal parts to keep.

Friction from occurring between the parts but in doing that it also coats the parts preventing rust and corrosion so while this is happening is reducing lifter where an cam shaft where while that’s going on is preventing engine deposits and conditioning the engine seals and gaskets so my house preventing the engine deposits is it’s keeping this on particles from the burning fuel and from the burned zinc still suspended in the oil it’s also keeping the carbon that spend broken down from the engine in the oil so that it can be removed the next oil change he see more about this on our website at Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or be habit answering questions about that so evinces engine deposits by doing that but.

Also keeps those are particles from falling out of the oil as the as the vehicle sits in the winter season and ferment oil additive turning into sludge when you go to drain out the toilets and their the this also allows the gaskets and seals to be conditions of the keep their viscosity as they were designed to from the factory this dozens however break down the gaskets like other products due to where they become gummy and eventually just degradation fall apart and instead returns and their factory specifications in doing this you can also you can greatly reduce oil leaks Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.

in your in your garage sump you will have an engine smoking in the line came guard and you reduce or eliminate the smoke coming from the engine but another interesting thing is that this stuff is great for the.

Camaros like are talking about what’s interesting is the Camaros been slowly has been continued to build up its engine to be large and large larger so currently the V6 puts out more horsepower than the old VH to the 2013 base six-cylinder engine has 223 hp and then put some more horsepower more power the small block V-8 in the original car which had 295 hp this all makes nearly as much worse prayer as the VH in 1967 and the 390 6Q begins with that had 375 hp Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.however the new six and the block V-8 so they of older about the same so while these Camaros are great piece of history and people collect and preserve than one who continue to live the days of when the call automobile was the ultimate piece of freedom if you will cruise and enjoy themselves in the cars a lot to do this they need to keep these engines protected because the shifts.

Original engine it can have a tendency to be affected by the ethanol-based fuels that are out there that tend to create a lot of problems came guard on the other hand is very helpful with the ethanol-based fuels and that once they burn it with its a they have a tendency to create a different type of deposit in the engine which oil additive Camguard allows and posits to be suspended and not attached Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872. attacked the metal properties of the engine some this is also very good for different on different the different types of metals in the older engines compared to the newer engines that are being made today like such as the Camaro some overtime you have from length 1968 Camaro to the 2003 Camaro Ligurian how a totally different types of engines engine sizes different metals.

Different where to firmware properties to the walls different heat treating elements to them and all these things you can come and plays as to how these elements of the ethanol attacks the engine and nothing intends attacked engine is Lumbee will know is that when you burn a gallon of fuel you also create a gallon oil additive of water is gallon of water tends to what happens when you mix Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.metal water and air and time while most people would say that equals rust and when you have rust like that search develop inside the car and corrosion the pockets corrosion tend to grow and so intend to run the specs on things I camshafts lifters and valves and even your heads and so with cam guard coding these parts you have any usually avoid the corrosion but you also many things like old.

Starts where trying to start the engine and you’re waiting for the and it takes time for all that oil to circulate back up to the top of the head with cam guard those that oil remains where it is and remains on the parts and not allowed to flow back down into the pan so that those parts are always coded this is great especially for the off-season when you’re nice you driving your classic car it’s the winter and he won’t take it out on the ice and chance ruining it so give us a call at our go visit our website at Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872. and we can tell you more about how to preserve your classic car said my shoe along when teaching capacity the next generation to enjoy. Visit us at our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.

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