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This content was written for aslCamGuard oil additive.
Well it’s that time again I’m sure oil additive that most of you are probably saying I’ve been here before in that it’s time to change the oil in your car or truck or boat or RV it’s Tim from aslcamguard visit our website check out our full line of well-designed products or call us at 918-836-6872 and when you change oil in this vehicles a lot of times people are busy and busy with their business or kids kids sports this time year to go on vacations it’s more than ever important navigation taking our attitude a taking your equipment about your RVs at 10 generators to get those oil change that is so that they function properly for you to worsen breaking down there vacation trip or have a piece of equipment on function get to like him where we may be gone and sometimes people get busy and they overlooked their cars and let them go past the recommended oil change don’t get in that habit will change this but before they take off causing problems of course we want you to add our. Check out our website at additive to that oil so that you are assured that that engine prevented maintenance that it needs to give you the good solid protection in the good solid operation you want when you go to use it are well additive product line course consists of aviation automotive heavy-duty Marine small engine when you change the oil on regular basis proven statistical fact change oil on regular basis in those engines to get oil additive package like Camguard additives prolongs the life of that is we want to make sure that your protected against corrosion related problems and is make sure your protected against deposit formations will make sure that the engine is protected so that does not have abnormal wear in that engine to make sure that your oil seals remain flexible and pliable have oil leaks I remember one year many many many years ago my wife loaded kids up in four-door sedan we had drove up Springfield Missouri to see my parents get grandparents on the way back vehicle developed and oil leaking she broke down on the side of the road by Joplin Missouri and at the time I got there to get her and the kids when I pulled up I can see a big pool of oil underneath the car in the engine was locked that she had that oil is because it has seal that was leaking oil that I was unaware of I suspected I needed to be running Camguard regularly and a vehicle that that particular seal or gasket with them in the well so one make sure that protected for this type of thing well additive products do we got Camguard and let them bombard test data everything that we got semitransparent how are well additive products work how their design can contact us and so, 918-836-6872 contact art chemist creator the ASL products and answering for you so you reach out to you concerns you may have about your engine use of our well products in summertime on the mid-many the work a little harder time than normal modern on vacations pulling trailers and motors work a little harder in the friction molecules where additive part the oil additive what else that engine run cooler helps keep that that not have worked so hard as well know the pieces of metal together that he reads a lot of the very rapidly breaks a lot of name so the anti-wear molecules friction modifiers. Are well additive me later there that he that is easier we haven’t been any studies are well additive automobile plan or heavy-duty diesel relates to fuel savings by we’ve had in several detailed evidence people would come back said listen easier well additive in my diesel truck praying your automobile generally you almost see a 5% increase in fuel economy is the modifiers that are in your well at our well additive products is exactly what we say they proven and over and over again testing and of our own independent lab test data for me so we know that oil additives provide protection corrosion deposit formations deposit formations as where can be as Mason did exactly what they say on cells in remedying cause apply where they posits carbon positive cells around the ring. Rings are free to be back or do their job in a lot of fuel and oil blow by this because a lot of my problems want to make sure that they friction modifiers anti wear additives are in with their special media or seal degradation seals remain liable flexible work we proven and over and over again things that are well additive product is free all for this are when we design additive originally aviation product that the biggest threat to most aviation was corrosion use the second biggest threat was deposit leaded fuel is so important as the pilots and aviation guys that are well additive product that is the we also want to have the friction modifiers where we also want to have the seal conditioners seals by that phenomenal nominal moments of this product get testimonials in the back one of our customers we love to hear from you got ASL are not call us at 1-800-826-9252 we love you your Camguard well out of glory and guard well additive user certainly would like one because we know that even the benefit of using oil 918-836-6872 our website will be glad to answer any question and are well additive product line or how that oil additive our chemist on you have any so it’s time to change oil you’re probably overdue so please reach out this contact us and A quality synthetic oil additive product that is great for collector cars and high-performance cars alike. Feel free to give us a call and we can answer any of your questions at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6873.

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