This content was created for ASL Camguard Oil Additive.

This content was written for aslCamGuard oil additive.
So why do we use oil additives in our engines and  a lot of those questions are answered in calling 1-800-826-9252 to answer this questions for you to use oil additive for the same reason that we put air in our tires on the car we change the oil on our lawnmower we do certain things that are competitive in nature to make sure that we get the longevity of our quick and the functions of the well edited package Camguard as you assures that engine is getting yet most premier protection corrosion anti wear deposit formation seals don’t dry out in the oil additive in Camguard oil additive product line does is four things as types of engines you have aviation automotive small engine heavy-duty and Marine so fortunate that you do the preventative maintenance on your in your engines and your equipment because the last thing you want to have happen is adequate breakdown costs thousands of dollars. Learn more on our website at Origin a situation where your automobile, or bulldozer, or boats, generator, on job site does engines have trouble or breakdown that’s what you use to make your living the any downtime means that you spend is prepared set you back some of those engines like the engine in the case of airplanes even automobile can be extremely costly there place aslcamguard are well product line is the premier oil additive product out there does exactly what we said as we know it does what we say is because we get it tested not only by labs that we hired that we it tested by independent labs and in independent and so we had the opportunity you have this product out now for about 15 years literally thousands of hours on we know three anecdotal evidence Camguard user testimonials are oil additive product is as on our test data is on our website and got 83 season call us at 918-836-6872 more than happy to visit with you about any questions you might have about your particular engine using the oil additive products Camguard yet literally dozens of calls a week is not a day from people questions about oil additive product some of them are users that want to talk about oil additive product had gentlemen call just the other day wanted to know about using Camguard will additive product in an airplane during the break in. A brand-new mother and Camguard aviation oil additive product will do his airplane no harm we advised not to use it during the break in. Because the friction modifiers anti wear additives will prolong the break in. For that engine we advised you advise all of our users with the new motors break that engine in using mineral oil and then once the engines broke in drained mineral oil but whatever oil product you’re using that engine and had Camguard appropriate in that engine will be protected start to finish late make you like what you will be protected against corrosion issues that deposit formation protected against seal degradation and prevent abnormal or premature wear is parts of this friction I talked to Jim and the natives line in Columbia 500 at the airport at lunch with them as had been Camguard user told me that is sound. He generally run about 20° cooler than most of the other guys that he knows if lion particular type airplanes because he is in the friction where molecules allow the engine run easier not generate as much heat extremely happy that Camguard user now for about 10 years he has a couple of different aircraft flies cross-country he was on his way to Colorado today so we know that our product forms extremely well we want to hear from you have antidote evidence you formation sometimes question from user about our oil additive product and I want to know well I’ve got an engine it’s high time aviation engine maybe it’s got 1500 hrs. on and the TBS oh time to be revealed 2000 should I use and what we can this is absolutely because although there may Artie be corrosion in an engine it’s going to rest that corrosion so is worse and we know three our antidote experience that will going to clean up some of the pros will fix anything pitting in their starting price is fixed cleanup that service corrosion will also help soften the deposits that are in any engine and allow them to remain re-floating in the oils as well deposits come out of that engine and many many many times we hear from our users a used use of portal oil every three hours and I’m using seven and is because as deposits from forming about around those rings is about guides in it engine is now allowed to do the job supposed to prescience, so you know we don’t complain we we don’t claim Camguard fixes this problem we know testimonials and antidote experience definitely does so at any point in an engine of that automobile people said about in your car and what good is the start Camguard. Visit us at our website at  now welts the exact same principle going their lease at those deposits will also start getting the benefits of the anti-friction modifiers and where modifiers which will allow Carter run smoother lot cooler and get you a longer life out of the engine we’ve got Camguard users oil additive users and Marine environment as well that they got a boat that maybe is 20 years old tell them yes you need these came guard for the oil protection seal protection the anti-wear additives and the deposit formation because that oil additive will help that Marine engine last you even long most guys I know that have motor problems easy to diesel engines and sailboats are diesel engines both gas outboard and what outboard engines have stream costs associated with pairing place is in so cam guard can help prolong the life that engine for several years that’s money that they don’t have to spend especially if they’re using that boat to make their living with a lot of commercial users is Camguard will additive products we encourage you to go to website frequently asked questions on their is also our test status on their you contact us contact our chemist greater Camguard Mr. Ed Colin and any questions or issues that you might have cancer all your technical question you’ll get right back to the call us 1-800-826-9252 will be glad to answer any questions that we can about our full product oil additive product line of aviation, automobile, Marine, heavy duty, small engine.



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