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Now you don’t have to tell us how much of a hassle it is one of your engines in one of your devices pieces of equipment goes down whether it’s your aircraft, automobile, heavy-duty piece of equipment, or small engine, or leaving your boat can be just several paintings be real costly stem here from aslcamguard go to check out our full line of oil additive products or you a call us at 918-836-6872 will be glad to visit with you about your particular piece of equipment or engines that were ISAPI talked to folks about that course it all of our test out all of our information is on our website we would encourage you to go there check out that website state you have a questions call us at 1-800-826-9252 glad visit our oil additive products are the best in the industry extremely hard to assure that they are the best they did exactly what we say they did gone through extensive testing of our own but we also sent all allowed products to independent laboratories to be tested looked at to make sure that they do exactly what you say they do and what we say they do is say they fight corrosion protect the corrosion that they protect the engine deposit formation deposits building up in around valve guides rings as places cause and engine where excessively or abnormally caused the run abnormally we say that our oil additive product has friction modifiers and allow the engine run smoother and cooler that you don’t have abnormal or excessive wear on those metal parts and in and are molecules in our oil additives that they are specifically to keep your seals are flexible and pliable so that your seals don’t dry out and you have oil leaks are weeping well and so we know that those four things are truly important us that’s what we had Mr.Colin our chemist and design are oil additive products around the four things that we felt like the most important and to address in our oil additives and in sending this oil out is off to different companies different labs have attested we have found that that’s exactly what are oil additives do things that are important to long-lived longevity of those engines some of those engines parts can be quite expensive to rebuild the car heavy-duty caterpillar diesel engines things of that nature small generator engines fail generally locked eyes cost more to repair the generator and so that’s money that’s lost should got more usage of those engines so that that was our goal to get into this now originally reedited in the aviation oil additive area and you’ll see on our website or an aviation based company that that’s primarily our business Aircraft Specialty Services been in business for 40 years and when you call 918-836-6872 that’s the business that you get and they will transfer you Camguard will additive company but are primary business being aircraft corrosion deposit formation anti wear seal degradation was big because those are the things that really affected aircraft and goal we found is also the four big things affect really and so does the things that we look at try to address talk about aviation expensive they can be to rebuild those parts a lot some of those parts of this aviation engines the older ones are getting a little hard to find is from the 1930s and 40s 50s so now is those engines that go by the wayside some of the parts are getting really hard to find it’s really hard are defined as supply and demand more expensive they are and so is important to keep that ends well lubricated keep it safe from corrosion and wear so that time comes rebuild the engine is parts can be refurbished to FAA certification standards review some of this crankshafts can run 345 $10,000 to replace what joy, and guides on this crankshafts camshafts failed parts of failed and corrosion related issues all they had to begin using came guard regular basis help protect is parts from corrosion so you know were extremely happy with our product and performance our product is giving people over the years we literally have hundreds of thousands of hours on this product now is about every county in the name on the problem with the aircraft engines is the oils are still working on 1930 and 40 technology so that’s why we created will additive you enhances oils about the logical standards that are so oil additive product Camguard on our oil product or high standards from your oil additive company there I guarantee product supposed to spend a lot of time quality control to ensure that time the product reaches the end user it is to be put in whatever engine or motor your make sure that our product meets the highest standard size ball we filter that product five different times whatever goes into a bottle model we have a quality control place the model so we want to make sure sub model Camguard descended the headset the absolute highest quality problem or issue that product to contact us immediately at or call us at 918-836-6872 correct whatever she may be customer service is part of our company providing in this customer service we can right now we’re getting ready to head to Louisville Kentucky in August go to one of the National Street Rod Associations are serious granddaddy of our says the lower automotive oil additive product that there have it on display also entered the new product of the year and so will be on display there so were really happy to be able to do that time educate about automotive oil additive and if you’re at that shower you can be attached to her to come on inside the building in visit with this at the aslcamguard the information were be at will be our website at glad visit here talk to you or you call us at 1-800-826-9252 in the program guide so you find this month’s there were really looking forward to attending this car show it’s kind of granddaddy parts as so if you’re up there MCS check us out


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