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Well it’s summertime in Oklahoma in the government. It’s the warm hot and are came guard oil additives combat some of that heat takes place is engines that check out our line will additive products call us at 918-836-6872 glad to talk to you will oil additive products one things are well additive products guys as it has friction modifiers in all of the oil additive product whether it be aviation, automobile, heavy-duty, small engines, for marine they are friction modifiers and then allow engine run smoother less friction and less heat so when it’s like it is today and Obama freeze out that engines can run smoother easier to work as hard because of those friction modifiers is not going to run this time without normally would without aslcamguard will add the other thing is, many of our states southern states especially during the summer some so when you shut that airplane off mode on shut the car off all engine or you heavy-duty tractor is that oil drains back down in that interview not using are well additive what happens is surface corrosion will start to form really within 24 hours. Learn more about corrosion at our website or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 especially in the humid environment and setting within several days corrosion begin anything start hitting causing damage to those engines or abnormal wear so corrosion protection products help protect against that because keeps the oil in place so that never have bare-metal expose that humidity and moisture in the third thing the helps in the heat else is with deposit makes else’s deposits from forming helps them from deposits in the engine cause abnormal wear prevent parts in doing their job and the last thing is forced molecules that are in oil additive pliable flexible there doing their job experiencing oil leaks oil weeping in your engines in many environments you have that moisture in the air in it doesn’t matter if you’re from Minnesota or New Mexico you have humidity in the air condensation in the air when in the engine gets hot and you shut it off that metal cools and creates condensation aircraft engines that blow-by and moisture a lot of damage most of our automobiles that are using ethanol ethanol creates a lot of moisture and engines so much so that it’s almost a gallon of moisture per gallon fuel burned See more about moisture in the engine at our website or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252. ¬†and so there’s a lot of moisture created in those engines and are well oil additive product make sure that corrosion doesn’t get started in his mother’s aircraft specialty services we see thousands of parts year come through and many of them will reject for corrosion related issues and so got a guy that may have a $5000 crankshaft for an airplane that that is wanting to get refurbished trust me there’s no joy in calling that individuals and well we can’t re-certify you It’s got corrosion in it he on the main bearings are on the mains machined on their non-unhappy that in so cam guard protects that from happening or what we see sometimes on camshafts in different parts from the aircraft engines is in automobile engines well you’ll see abnormal wear or part starts wearing abnormally and it won’t re-certify or it fails in you can almost always trace it back to a corrosion related issue first started corroded started having problems in and so it that point the part failed you can also is traced back to corrosion first started and then the abnormal wear pattern and so the aslcamguard corrosion protection is extremely important in the heavy duty, automobile, marine, small engine, and aircraft oil additive products that we manufacture and sell were in the middle of an aviation blend right now and that we blended the product were bottling it we work extremely hard to make sure that our product is of the highest quality delivered during user and a partner engine it’s a high quality high quality oil additive product we don’t we don’t go cheap on anything when it comes to making sure that product is filtered five different times and every time blend is done change all those filters on those filters take on new filters are put your constant filtering that product constantly looking at and sampling that product to assure that it’s the highest quality so that it does the four things that we design our cam guard product the engine that’s corrosion protection, deposit formation, anti wear additives, and the seal degradation molecules we know our product does exactly what we said ask as we that attested by independent labs and we have literally hundreds and hundreds and thousands of antidote feedback from our users that tell us about aslcamguard will additive products you got and look up all of our testing data all of our information are you contact us will be glad to visit with you about your particular engine we always love hearing cam guard stories or testimonials from our oil additive users and so you can contact us chair that is with this or you call us at 918-836-6872 and share that information with this or you can call us and ask us any questions that you may have about our oil additive you can contact our chemist Mr. Ed Colin to designed our came guard oil additive products and contact him directly will be glad to visit with you about your particular engine what you’re what you’re looking at as far as using our oil additive product in the in your engine were glad to hear from you you’re happy to hear from you and anything we can do to help your engines running to get the longevity out of those engines that you should be getting were glad to because the lotteries engines parts can be extremely expensive to replace nobody wants a piece of equipment fails on the now you have downtime special if you’re using that particular engine or motor or device to make your living in so we take that extremely important in an extremely serious know it’s extremely important because engines keep those vehicles running right whether it’s an aviation engine whether it’s a automobile and use of heavy-duty equipment generator anything lawnmower Marina boat keep those running properly please contact us or call us at 918-836-6872 will be glad to visit with you and answer any questions about our oil additive product line



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