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Well today we began our process of blending our Camguard additive aviation blend we always start out doing this with attitude of producing the highest quality product so that when you put these oil additives in your engines and their ready form to the standards that we have set your website or call us at 918-836-6872 be glad to visit with you about any of our oil additive products our aviation blend began about 15 years ago we noticed more and more and more corrosion related parts failing abnormal wear showing up on these parts so that together chemical land really 13 different chemical additives to address the four specific issues that we wanted them to address and 1 was corrosion deposit formation seal degradation and where and aviation engines today went through the process it’s a day long process of taking particular chemicals heating those chemicals then mixing them with other chemicals so that those molecules bind and blend together filtering those chemicals mixing all of these chemicals together to produce the aviation blend well at once that’s done is filtered five different times before it ever goes into a aslcamguard oil additive bond extend bottled and shipped to our end-users so that when oil additive goes out the door and that’s with any of our oil additive products entire oil additive product line is done that way the product goes out the door were assured that it’s of the highest quality forwards put into that engineering to the motor. For more visit us at or call us at 918-836-6872 to ensure that it does exactly we have high confidence we want our users to have the same confidence in our oil additive products well the aviation blend is near and dear to my heart because I’m a pilot for many many years operate my own aircraft I put my family in that aircraft to go to different various locations and so it’s important to me that engine service properly prevented maintenance is done and that it’s running topics on the product in the engine is at least questionable products of the highest quality in the engine aslcamguard oil additive is one of those products we produce approximately 4000 pints of aslcamguard of this particular plan we did today and those of the on the shelf and ready shipping the next couple of days each one of those matches Camguard oil additive that we these as a tracking mechanism so that we can tell you this batch of these bottles were made on this day this time my this individual and so it has a born the first date set for tractability to ensure that quality is done sample of that additive is taken and sent off to make sure that meets our standards before any of the products ever shipped so we take our quality control extremely serious NASL camera will check out all of our product line oil additives if you have any questions about that product line or questions about your engine you can call us at 1-800-826-9252 I got a call this morning from a gentleman aircraft question about
aviation in just rebuild this engines a brand-new motor this question was should I run Camguard aviation oil additive in this engine from day one in my answer was no shed there is a break in. Needs to take place in all aviation engines breaking. Can range anywhere up to 10 hours and that allows all the vows to see properly allows all the rings cylinders to see properly now using aslcamguard oil additive aviation hurt that engine but it will prolong the break because the friction modifiers and anti-wear additives will prolong the breaking. We tell all of our users branding engine no run mineral oil break at engine in drain the oil out and begin using the aslcamguard oil additive that aviation cars are different most automobiles have different tolerances aircraft engines as do small engines heavy duty engines and so you can start using aslcamguard will additives of those motors right the very start just aviation engines that we recommend not using those during the break. Those are the types of phone calls that we get a lot of times from our users or for potential users and were glad to visit with you about this questions line as frequently asked questions on our or call us at 918-836-6872 will be glad to answer any of his questions we talked to several people a day we emailed several always happy to hear from our users about their came guard testimonials were there oil additive camera oil additive’s variance whether it be with aviation, automobile, marine, heavy duty, or small
engine land visit with them questions they might have had any questions they can contact our Creator cam guard chemist Ed Colin can reach him or you call us the 918-836-6872 number we will get a message to him things specific about some came guard oil additive product line been working with several engine companies automotive as well as aviation on new engines new technology is coming out our oil additive can help you get a small engine manufacturer is again is having issues with small engines cylinders we were able to show them how aslcamguard could help prevent and help them with their work uses is passing a manufacturer wants re branded lemon branded there engines aren’t any good are they break down problems and so we were able to help the small engine manufacturer currently working with a big gas producing company produce an oil additive for them to use in their natural gas and so we are constantly looking for ways to use aslcamguard will in all different types of compatible with all different types of all different types of seals and gaskets you can check all that out or call us at 918-836-6872 be more than happy to visit with you about your engines and your use of aslcamguard additive product