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This content was written for aslCamGuard oil additive. is the website that you go to for all your oil additive needs full product line of oil that is aviation automobile heavy-duty marine and small engine and on our it’ll tell you everything you need to know about this products if you have additional questions can answered in contact the website or you can call us at 918-836-6873 we had aslcamguard oil additive company you are 110% mode to share that our oil additives are quality premier oil additives on the market spent years testing all these additives to make sure that they did exactly what we say make sure they perform in the higher standards tested we not only test these packages that we sent them to others and ask them to test an independent lab said independent magazines them to test them and tell us their results that several articles written on us trade journals throughout the country about aslcamguard and what a great product it is a great job are oil additive products all the that is on aslcamguard don’t see it said before if you have additional questions call us at 1-800-826-9252 certainly try to address any questions you might have concerning our additive products or your particular engine that you’re looking to use our oil additive product in your already in ASL and our user would love to hear from you as well we get literally hundreds of testimonials a lot antidotal evidence from our users about how well our product does in their engines whether the aviation

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Camguard is especially needed since the oil companies began taking the zinc out of all the automotive oils several years ego. This leaves the owner of collector cars and performance cars especially lacking when running older or big bore engines. To make up for this lack of zinc owners need an additive to replace that zinc. One solution is to add actual zinc. This however is not preferred because it often does not mix with the oil. This creates a corrosive environment to the metals inside the engine instead of helping performance. Owner should instead add our product, Camguard. Camguard is a synthetic zinc additive and does not contain any heavy particles to create sludge like a zinc additive would. Camguard also protects against corrosion by coating the engines parts in a molecule thing barrier that resides between the metal of the part and the oil itself. In doing this Camguard also lubricates these parts allowing the parts to be continually coated so that no cold starts occur where parts are not protected during the time it takes for the oil to begin circulating throughout the engine. Camguard, call us at 1-800-826-9252, also keeps heavy particles suspended in the oil so that they can be removed upon oil changes instead of becoming sludge in hard to reach areas of the engine. Camguard also protects seals and gaskets by allowing them to remain pliable in their designed state. In doing this the seals can create better compression and eliminate blow by in the engine. Visit us at or call us at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.

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