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Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.Today is Memorial Day 2017 we pay homage and tribute to our military personnel the following line of duty and only damaged our military personnel that served us well the creation of this country and Camguard our company supports veterans we have a premier line of oil additive products that we hope someday to be used with the military working towards that keep their equipment in the greatest operating condition and convenience of the our soldiers and sailors military personnel men and women serve us and protect us we go to bed every night under the blanket of freedom that they provide thing at the best equipment out there we hope that our oil additive product Camguard can certainly help with that my father was a career Marine I grew up on Marine Corps bases around the world and is an in an aviation ring for aviation unit served in World War II Korea tours in Vietnam and like rep on Marine Corps bases as I said around the world so I was around airplanes and all kinds of equipment as a child in fact I was probably 12 years old before I realize not everybody lived at the airport… That’s everybody lived in so my father was a real stickler preventative maintenance because he knew that his life or other Marines lives could and on that equipment and so he you know at the time there was a lot oil additive products out there use said Frank corrosion event deposit formation where Atticus is types things like these chemicals of only come about really in the last 20 years or so but my father was very meticulous about making sure that all the engines were lubricated properly oil properly contain a lot of preventive maintenance on his airplanes on his own personal vehicles and small engines that we had lawnmowers and things around our home so you is with pay homage these veterans of the house that something gave all the gates were certainly happy that you provided a good well additive project product that will help them maintain their equipment traveling across Kansas right now my father was born and raised a little small town called Columbus Kansas farm community and as I’m traveling down the highway or on the way back., Looking across the planes and I every mile or so I see Ali to see a tractor or combine in the field working or I will see a piece of equipment sitting here inside of a barn outside of a bar and you know some of these some of this equipment literally purchase new can cost hundreds of thousands dollars it’s not unusual for a tractor to cost 50,000 $60,000 or her big combine is used to harvest wheat or porn or soy beans to cost a couple hundred thousand dollars and so we got several users appear for heavy duty Camguard oil additive because these farmers rely on this equipment to make their living and produce the foods that that we can see we go the grocery store and we buy bread is where the weaknesses where the barley and soybeans all the stuff comes from for the product so these farmers tractors and combines and equipment are those engines are running right functioning right then that product didn’t get to the stores that farmer to is unable to make his living producing product last thing that a rancher farmer wants is for that equipment to go down during his harvest season I’ve literally when I was a kid expert Kansas I worked for a couple farmers in they would literally stay at all my 24 hours straight through and more a piece of their equipment went down during the harvest to get it fixed so it is now trying to press on you how important this equipment is to these to these people and many of them do a lot of preventive maintenance because of that and they use. Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872. oil additive products to help support that preventive maintenance and will be glad to answer any questions that you might have these wells product reviews not only in this farm equipment farmers a lot of time will have diesel trucks don’t have personal automobiles they’ll have the motorcycles that have generators for sure and very few farms or ranches that did not have a home generator system because a lot of them are on power grids that when storms or tornadoes come three does power grids can go down and when is power grids go down’s farmers are left without power to run not only their homes but sometimes their equipment that they need to work on things and so you may have never very I just never been to home that didn’t have a generator system many of these farmers these people run Camguard  in their generator systems as preventive preventive maintenance to protect against corrosion protect against deposit formation to protect against where seal degradation every single oil additive product Camguard produces does those four things you regardless of what type of engine is it’s also compatible with any types of oil so you regardless of whether it’s a diesel engine or it’s a gasoline engine propane natural gas ever type of that engine is being run Camguard oil additive package performs its job is a travel across Kansas here on my way back to it’s also that that’s been a heavy rain season appeared here a lot of moisture in the air with that moisture comes corrosion we well know that surface corrosion can occur on bare-metal. Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872. within really 24 hour start getting service corrosion and so when these tractors and combines set don’t have Camguard in those motors that oil will drain down off of that and within several days you’ll have bare-metal exposing lot of moisture in the air like there is right now in this area then does engines are susceptible to surface corrosion surface corrosion turns into the real live deal rust getting the pitting starts that’s when you’ll start getting abnormal wear parts that can eventually cause an engine failure caused the problem the other thing that happened causes deposit formations engines don’t run efficiently and those blow-by from the fuel contaminants deposit themselves in that engineer around the ring reduce valve guides places and pretty soon that engines using oil burning oil or you got a ring stock the next thing you know you got locum Boston on that cylinder in the engine is not working as shed is using a lot more you’ll and any farm or ranch and will tell you fuel is a big big cost to them anything they can do to reduce their fuel usage is money back in their pocket ASL cam guard anti wear additives anti-friction deposit formation prevention helps those engines run much more efficiently than on at work as hard and they burn less fuel Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872



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