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This content was written for aslCamGuard oil additive

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Well additives are to evaluate sometimes is most oil additives if you’re using them on a regular basis you never really know if you’re getting the performance out of them that you want until it comes time to care that engine down or you have a problem with Camguard oil additives we have done all the pretesting prior to that so it’s pretty easy to look and see what are well additives do in our different products aviation automobile heavy duty and small engine we’ve tested all those oil additives again and again and again so we know that as well additives do exactly intended them today and that’s to help fight corrosion in those motors to help with where in those motors help with deposit formations in those motors and to keep the seals pliable and flexible prevent seal degradation so that you don’t have oil leaks or what’s called oil weeping from those that engines we had absolutely excellent feedback is product from our users over the years a lot of antidote evidence that the products do exactly what they say they do and now that we got several years variance with our oil additive products some of these engines are reaching TDO on the aviation engines and are being torn down and being rebuilt and our users are sending us photos and testimonials. Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872  that basically say you know things along the lines of can believe how cleanness in generalized I couldn’t believe I didn’t have anywhere in my valve guides really happy with results using the Camguard one the results that they’re happy about is the fact that the engine was able to go full time which on aviation engines that’s easy around 2000 2200 hrs. a lot of flight time many years were like if you’re the average flyer line about 120 hours a year and so that’s almost 20 years my motor makes to make studio you’re quite happy about that but also quite happy about the fact that they need Camguard well additives when you send those parts in to be looked at re certified you’re not have to buy a new camshaft and I can have by the crankshaft for a aircraft engine can run anywhere from 3000 $10,000 camshafts and run thousand and $2000 so your camshaft crankshaft is able to be refurbished and certified the back in an engine save yourself several thousands of dollars by using the Camguard aviation oil and so it’s almost like it’s policy oil additives are well additives and the same thing holds true for your automobile heavy duty equipment you’re running back those are your running Caterpillar combines farm equipment is engines can be extremely expensive to rebuild and if you’re able to reuse the existing parts and is have them refurbished to be put back in motor it’s much cheaper to rebuild that engine that more than that it’s also nice and the peace of mind that that piece of equipment is going to perform for you know when it’s needed years ago we got into a conversation with the young man said procurement officer Pentagon specifically for the Navy wanted things that he told me looking Camguard wanted things he told me was that I really wish that had cam guard product back then because during the first Gulf War or they deployed that with a lot of equipment and a returned home and as you well know they went back a second time Desert Storm and in storage is not functional because it been sitting for several years and it corroded it the engines were not in good repair so they weren’t ready to start running as generators run a lot of equipment data menus and Camguard a lot of that it’s could’ve been a avoidance so worked with the military on a couple of different test programs to be able to get Camguard oil additive packages certified for their equipment the time you get a piece of equipment since for any long period of time we know your test data that glottis equipment within really hours and hours if you’re not using the Camguard oil additive. Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.  In motor you’ll get surface corrosion take a piece of metal slant outside overnight and come back the next day see you got circles got surface corrosion and take the same piece of metal and put some Camguard will additive on it and leave it set and you’ll see the surface corrosion does not form on the piece of metal we had a little girl that his dad was a pilot used Camguard aviation is airplane and she did a science project for school and she’s in the fifth grade in a science project for school using just that test and produce the results and she won her science fair by being able to illustrate that by using Camguard oil additive package prevented that corrosion from forming on those particular parts so we narrowed down through our professional testing independent testing resistant been done through laboratories that the product does exactly the same as prevents corrosion helps with deposit formation it has where additive allows the engine that anti friction molecules allow the engine arrives run smoother run cooler better fuel efficiency and then we know from our customers use in our testing data that the Camguard will additive allows the seals to stay pliable flexible and not dry out not become brittle so that you don’t have oil leaks your oil weeping we’ve had all kinds of an 11 its customers over the years that talk to us about different deposit formations they started maybe using the Camguard will additive on amid time engine that are had several miles on it in the first couple of times they change the oil there the oil additive well additives gone in there is loosened several deposits at suspended in the oil and allowed those deposits to be able to be flushed out during the oil change process the same thing holds true for automobiles and it will help the varnish content inside of those engines is a deposit formations around the rings around the world around me valve guides and those things and course we don’t claim the cam guard oil additive package fixes anything because it would be absurd for us to make that claim there is no one magic fix but we’ve got enough antidote evidence to tell us that got a sticky valves got deposit formations building in engine that we know that it goes in there cleans and helps the event aviation users tell us that the Royal consumption went from 1 quart every three hours to 1 quart every eight hours as we continue to talk about the Camguard oil additive packages we encourage you to go to our website Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.


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