This content was created for ASL Camguard Oil Additive.

This content was written for aslCamGuard oil additive.

Hi Eric here with Camguard the premier oil additive I appreciate your interest in Camguard and in oil additive. You can visit us on our website at or give us at call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.  In general shows me that you got an interest in your vehicle and your protecting your vehicle not just on the outside but on the inside now Camguard specifically formulated to assist the engine multiple ways there’s force very specific ways it helps engines across all of its different platforms there’s specific formulations of Camguard for marine, for automotive, for a heavy-duty, diesel’s, for small engine like your lawnmowers, and for the aviation blend for the general aviation the piston fired engines that you see in the small aircraft flying around Camguard is specifically formulated to protect your engine in multiple ways the main way being corrosion is an engine turns off and the oil is no longer being circulated throughout the engine the oil on the top of the engine trickles down through the parts down and the oil pan at the bottom of the engine with the oil sets until the engine is turned back on these engines on the top of the engine are no longer protected from corrosion and from the harmful effects of oxidation that is the when oxygen molecules combined with the various engine parts inside of the top end of the engine as he’s parts become oxidized or rusted their small little pockets of the engine parts that become pitted as the engines turned back on his engines turned back on begin to rotate that ship away the small parts of the engine that have become corroded as the metal is now softer in that area creating pitting that you see on the surfaces of your cam your camshafts and on your lifters that you have inside the top in the engine. Learn more on our website at  or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 now the next way to Camguard protects is from seal degradation as seals begin to get older they began to get brittle and hardened and they begin to chip away and cause oil leaks and that’s not how you want the engine to the start you want to happen your engine you want the oil in the oil additive Camguard to stay inside of the engine where it can do the most to fit your engine the next way that it protects us from where there’s a molecule inside of the oil additive Camguard that breaks down as the engine begins to create higher friction warms up and coats the surfaces that are being worn inside of the engine nowhere then happens on the oil additive molecule as opposed to on the ferrous metals are on the where surfaces inside of the engine than the last way that it helps to the next way that helps rather in all the different pack packages is it keeps the contaminants that come in your engine through blow-by which is the results of the combustion that occurs on top of the pistons blowing past the piston rings and into the oil that is splashing around in the engine is engines running in the engine circulating it blows past the piston rings and goes down to the engine and begins to cause where and varnishing inside of the engine the varnishing effect does damage the engine in multiple ways it coats the engine and causes increased where and because of increased friction on the close tolerance parts inside of the engine the other way that causes damages it coats the bottom of the piston with a varnish and the varnish has insulating properties and does not allow the heat to transfer from the top of the piston into the oil and away from the piston allowing the piston to dissipate the heat this causes the piston to swell slightly because of the heat and causes it to create more friction on the cylinder walls this is a problem for many engines across the different platforms simply an issue for the engines inside of the aviation world the aviation fuel has a lead component to it that causes the cause the varnishing compound to have a greater insulating property because the varnishing compound to build up thicker on the bottom of the piston that varnishing compound is a problem for all aviation engines and also for engines that don’t run with lead this problem is a problem for your marine engine as well as just a thing that must be addressed in the engine and it has to be addressed with aslcamguard the oil additive so that’s the way that it addresses engines across the spectrum now in certain versions. Visit us on our website at  or give us a call at 1-800-836-9252 or 918-836-6872. The oil additive there is a such as the automotive and the diesel there is a friction inhibitor and the friction inhibitor uses the most modern technology friction inhibitor’s that help reduce rotational friction inside the engine and help increase fuel economy now I currently drive a older model Nissan a 2005 Nissan Maxima with 140,000 miles on it when I started using Camguard I noticed an increase in my fuel economy and this is because of the reduced friction that my agencies have as opposed to what had before that uses less energy to turn the engine and more energy to make my cargo forward I noticed a significant difference in my fuel economy significant difference being I was getting 19.8 miles a gallon and I’m currently getting 20.4 miles a gallon according to my vehicle and that is according to my fuel mileage indicator on my vehicle that may be different for each vehicle that that utilizes aslcamguard the oil additive again there’s multiple benefits a Camguard there’s a automotive version is a Marine version of the Marine version has an increased amount of corrosion protection because the harmful and detrimental effects of moisture and that the engine see on the waters and on the oceans especially on the saltwater platforms that that your boats operate in the salt water combines with the air and it’s increases the corrosion on the engine so there’s an increase corrosion inhibitor inside of the Marine models the diesel the diesel engine suffer from a lot of contaminants inside of the engine inside the oil because of the excessive blow-by that diesel suffer from because of the increased pressure inside of the combustion chambers in the combustion areas inside the engine this is a problem for those engines and it also a problem for those engines is fuel economy the diesels that move all of our product around the country every day those big heavy duty trucks hauling on that product there bottom dollar is fuel the maintenance on the truck the salary of the driver and the fuel that’s the three things that affect that economy and when you can increase fuel economy by even a marginal number your spirit you see a savings that for those companies and those companies are a lot of the thing that causes increasing costs around the country for other things such as the food that we eat are the even the oil the fuel in our cars is affected by the cost of the fuel that consumed moving that fuel around the country came guard post all of its research all of its data on our website   all of our oil additives or are listed on our website you can purchase it came guard on our website at   and you can do research of your own you can look into our independent research is that research that’s been performed on aslcamguard and you can look into how you can become a distributor on aslcamguard we currently have distributorships around the world we just took on a new distributor last week in Norway we have distributors throughout Europe and in South America and we are always looking to expand in other markets in other areas and a partner with companies that to help spread the word of Camguard got it split in the door in the aviation world and that’s how it got out and about in Europe and South America have a very large general aviation markets and the general aviation marketing South America is currently growing in Europe is growing in the ad states is slightly declining but it’s increasing it’s in other areas in the newer aviation general aviation world as new experimental plans are being flown around the country that’s why Camguard’s across the range platform of formulas can benefit every experimental plane out there as we have formulas that are modified and changed those platforms I appreciate your time reading the article I appreciate you listed are coming aslcamguard to learn about our products and your interest in oil outage in general again thank you for your. If you have any questions feel free to look up more information on our website at you can also give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.


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