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Eric here with you so Camguard you can visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 the advanced oil additive I appreciate you taking the time today to learn about our oil additive packages and your interest in Camguard the product for demo to talk to you about heavy-duty diesel trucks that are driving around our country every day these trucks are moving lots of product most of our product these truck drivers are taking the time every day to get up in the morning and drive these vehicles all across the country in doing remarkably safe rates you don’t hear too often about a semi-truck having a major accident impressive feat for these large trucks moving so much weight difficult to bring these trucks. They have to really think out these there their time in the really up I wrote that in addition to the difficulty bringing the truck to stop difficult to get the vehicle going as well these engines operate under very strenuous conditions moving tons and tons of weight stopping and going stopping going is moving through the large city metropolitan areas fighting their way to rush hour traffic of these diesels perform at very high pressures sometimes high heat prolonged idols these in his last for a very long time putting lots of wear and tear on the metals inside of the is very important to these engines to operate with this least amount of friction least amount of aware as possible Camguard the oil additive has multiple wear packages inside of its oil additive technology the anti-wear package is a molecule that breaks down on the surfaces of the metal where friction is occurring the most as a friction occurs in the metal it increases the heat on that specific area net increase amount of heat and increased friction breaks down the or the molecule where it forms a protective barrier over that metal that project barrier that allows the wearer to occur on the barrier itself as opposed to the metal this prolongs the engine parts and reduces wear and tear on the engine. Learn more on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872 another benefit of Camguard’s oil additive package inside of heavy-duty diesel’s is a reduced amount of friction reduce matter friction increases the fuel efficiency of these engines and any truck driver that runs his own company to you that every penny counts for these vehicles and any amount of fuel increase on the bottom dollar and the as they save money they pass on this amount of savings to address the country Camguard’s oil additive package can save truck driver’s money every year and hopefully saving other industries money as well but the savings they get on the savings on fuel I Camguard doesn’t just protect heavy-duty diesels we also has automotive package right now I’m driving in rush-hour traffic on the way home from work and I’m surrounded by multiple vehicles peoples vehicles that are that they rely on the back and forth to work every day and have to spend money on the fuel to get back and forth their house every day and the automotive package is the same friction modifiers inside the oil additive package that helps reduce the friction inside of the engine nearby reducing the rotational friction inside the engine on the engine to put more power into moving the vehicle less power and the turning itself by saving fuel economy another benefit of Camguard is that it keeps the contaminants inside of oils suspended what this does for you is you don’t get the varnishing affected many mechanics see on the inside of engine the engine often times is that taking the parties coating of varnish, brown, looking varnish on the inside of the engine and that is a couple different things cause damage to the engine cause increase where it increases the tolerances or decreases the tolerances inside the engine my building up on the areas of the engine this causes increased friction increase where Camguard’s got a molecule inside of it that keeps the saying suspended doesn’t allow these contaminants inside of your oil that are caused by the blow-by the engine to bond together and this bond thereby protecting the engine from the damaging effects of varnish came guard the oil additive where package is really important. Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872. As well for vehicles specially are older classic the classic Chevelle’s classic Ford Mustangs these engines ran on a piston on the piston engine that had a cam shaft that road on flat tappet lifters these flat topped lifters on the on the camshaft are prone to higher levels of friction and are also prone to pitting see when you take it apart let’s cause by corrosion is so Camguard the oil additive has a corrosion inhibitor inside of it that is the engine cools the oil begins to drain away from the top of the engine’s goes down to the bottom of the engine and since the oil pan this corrosion softens the metal in the sections and causes a spot of metal that is weakened and is the engine begins to turn it chips away the spots metal so what Camguard does it coax the metal in this protective coating that doesn’t allow the oxygen to bond with the ferrous metals and the other test metals that are in the top end of the engine and other parts of the engine that are no longer submerged in oil once the engine stops retaining came guard benefits engines and multiple multiple applications not just the HD not just your automotive your heavy-duty HD stands for not just your HD your automotive for your small engine also benefits other things like your boat there’s a oil additive package out there I Camguard is just for marine is specifically formulated for the demands of a boat engine that would see higher levels of moisture than other engines and the oil additive package is specifically formulated cope with those with that environment another place Camguard very popular next where it got its start is in the general aviation world general aviation United States very large market it is well in other areas such as Europe and South America sell another’s Camguard has made a has distributors all of the world we actually just recently took on a new stripper seven Norway Camguard is spread throughout the world in the aviation in the general aviation world because the general issue was seen the benefits of its reduced where reduced for reduced corrosion seal degradation protection abilities and its protection against punishing have made Camguard the oil and a very very popular in the aviation and again there’s multiple ways it protects the aviation engine and those areas are corrosion it works the same way as always explained earlier with the was the oil drains away from the top of the engine leaving cam upper portions of the engine exposed to the elements Camguard crease that barrier over those those surfaces that prevents those areas from corroding the next area is the still degradation these engines have a tendency to leak oil the seals become hard and brittle and they begin to lose their ability to keep the oil inside of the engine the oil additive Camguard has a still degradation molecule that protects the seals and keeps them soft and flexible so they can reach all the areas of the engine and keep the oil in the oil additive cam guard inside with a long blast area that it protects is keeping the lead inside of aviation fuel and other contaminants there inside of fuel that blow-by the Pistons a keeps these contaminants suspended in the oil and does not allow them to form a varnishing chemical that coats the inside this the engine and causes damage cam guard has posted all of its findings in late FAA acceptance and all of its research and studies on its website at is posted all these things on his website all of its independent reviews and we are welcome to additional independent reviews and any other comments or concerns there’s a contact us page our website that you can click on and get archon for information were welcome to hear any information you lecture with us about cam guard or any questions or concerns you might have as well thank you for your time reading the article and get. Visit us on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.


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