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Just off the airport in Tulsa, is where aslcamguard oil additive products located right adjacent to Aircraft Specialty Services main company does been in business for over 40 years you got contact us there policy 918-836-6872 all of our products are manufactured bottles and shipped out from our location in Tulsa were on what’s known and causes the aviation mile runs on the west side of international airport in all along that mile is nothing but service related aviation shops, pallor starters, alternators, crankshafts, camshafts, just about anything that has to do with piston driven turbo normalize aircraft on the aviation my houses got a rich history in aviation and that’s how Camguard oil additive products became more and was a rich history in aviation we had been in business about 25 years when Camguard aviation oil additive was first to manufactured we started marketing it couple years later we then got it certified by the FAA and then we added our additional oil additive product line of automobile, small engine, marine, and heavy-duty oil additive products and so were not accompanied it just popped up overnight when oil additive company that mixes this stuff in our bathtub sends it out we have the highest quality standards and that’s why were the premier oil additive product out there right now quality standards we filter all of our oil additive products minimum of five times before they ever going to bottle for their ever sealed for their regard to customer so it’s extremely important to us that qualities errors that would you put that oil additive in your engine it’s doing exactly we say it does and it’s of the high absolute highest-quality. Learn more on our website at out there are businesses engines our primary business specialties aircraft engines are businesses motors and engines so we know how important it is that does engines run properly and a sustained long lines because it’s extremely expensive to work on little of rebuild those engines not just the aircraft engines, but automobile, and marine, small engine, heavy-duty top oil additive products address for Maine things that we wanted our well additive we wanted to address corrosion wanted to be able to reduce and stop deposit formations that occur due to fuels that are used we wanted to have anti wear additives of the parts inside those engines would not develop abnormal wear patterns and we wanted to have molecules in a that would help seals pliable flexible so that the seals would not we believe oil is the four things we targeted our well additive to do and that’s why it’s gotten over 13 different additives and most your oil additives on the market are generally one or two additive products are oil additive package has up to 13 different additives all doing different jobs so set in support us at all four of those issues are addressed in all of our agent all moral and check that out on because we post all of our data test at all of our data is posted on we find it extremely important to be as transparent as we absolutely can about our product about how works about how it’s manufactured get technical questions contact creator Camguard Ed Colin are aslcamguard or call us at 918-836-6872 or 1-800-826-9252 attention Mr. Colon if you have any technical may need to be answered we aslcamguard oil additive company continue to perceive better chemicals better products so we are constantly testing our product and we are constantly sending it out to other entities independent of us to be tested dinette over and over again and every single time we did the results come back and we find out that the product does exactly what we say is that oil additive product actually does more we get a lot of anecdotal evidence from our users from people testimonials about things that aslcamguard is done for them the way of helping their engines so were always extremely happy to hear from anybody any user for any potential user and the best way to reach us is through or call us at 918-836-6872 and we will arrive for some reason can answer your email or answer your call that point time we will get right back to you because that’s extremely important for us to communicate with our end-users customer service is a big part of the aviation industry and it’s a big part of the oil additive industry and we pride ourselves on our customer service to our end-users of our products are parts we then nine in the oil additive business now for about 15 years and we learned a lot over that 15 years technology has changed engines of change the technology used to monitor and run these instances change so we kept up with all that as we move along fuels of change now have no stake in automobile for example you have summer grade fuels you have winter great you have ethanol fields and set each one of those create their own particular problems you have cars that run on natural gas run on propane and so each one skills creates different issues for engines and so we continue testing are well additive products against all those seals with all the skills to ensure that our product does exactly what we say is it regardless of the fuels and that there’s not an issue any types of new as we move on technology gets better new fuels are created we will continue to do that is a lot of experimentation going on right now fuels in aviation because aviation is still using an unleaded fuel does engines and that creates a lot of deposit formations inside as it is that leg feel so the aviation oil additive land combats is deposits as they can get in and around valve guides that get in around rings, sticky rings sticky valves increase oil consumption and reduce compression we’ve done all this testing look and if you have any questions about your particular engine or motor you can call us at 918-836-6872 or 1-800-826-9252 be glad to visit with you and try to answer any questions that you may have about your usage of aslcamguard oil additive or any questions you may have about your particular engine whether the automotive marine aircraft small engine or heavy-duty.



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