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It’s another beautiful day in Oklahoma hot and humid aslcamguard to let it is product here it’s Tim go to  check out all of our oil additive products aviation, automobile, marine, heavy duty, small engine, and everything that you should need now it should be on that website that if it’s not you can call us at 918-836-6872 or at 1-800-826-9252 and will be more happy to visit with him try to answer any questions that you may have if they are technical questions concerning makeup or chemicals in the oil additives that we use that you contact our chemist crater came guard at Ed Colin and he just staggered email forwarded to him or you can call us at 918-836-6872 will make sure that he gets back all of you gets whatever concerns or questions you may have about our oil additive product line to you today in it’s very humid no comments reaching propping 95% to humidity hundred degrees is very humid lot of moisture and air thunderstorm tonight which means more moisture in the air and as we well know that corrosion are one of the top problems for engines especially engines that sent or any particular period of time because surface corrosion will form on the engine within a day as it goes on more surface creating forms increasing yet getting of that particular metal product. Metal part in that engine and you can have heart failure will start an abnormal wear pattern and it can be in lawnmowers, it can be small engines and generators, it can be aviation engines, and aircraft can be automobiles, sit for long periods of time I got a call from my nephew morning craftsman lawnmower he said for quite a while and see in a this lawnmower never really gave me the trouble last few years but I got it out sedated to go said it’s starting to smoke upwards first question I asked him is that you been using aslcamguard oil additive small engine product and at engine now I running my cars and that I don’t have been using the lawnmower anything and I said well it would be my guess that there’s been enough deposit formation in the engine that you got some deposit formation around the valve get some deposit formations and locked up those rings so that they’re not floating freely and in their job in some blow-by and so I suggested to try some aslcamguard in the lawnmower and he’s going to put that oil additive small engine oil additive in there and then we will see at a later podcast I’ll be able to let you know how that to work down but I have no doubt in my mind that that oil additive go in there and soften at this deposits clear that the problem my friend glass is already broken a ring or scarred the cylinder wall deposit formation and that’s the danger of deposit build can very quickly cause damage to the engine or cause abnormal wear can cause a lot of different issues. Learn more at our website at in we design aslcamguard oil product oil additive product line to prevent deposit formation fight corrosion you have anti-friction molecules to prevent where and ensure that your seals stay flexible pliable and don’t dry out we had phenomenal results with this product so as we move forward let the to see what happens with my nephews at lawnmower I can just about to leave the it will soften a couple of uses and oil changes adults often have is deposit formations not start getting abnormal wear part whether the camshaft valve guide whatever you start getting abnormal wear on this particular parts what will happen is they will they will start wearing abnormally in and they will fail and cause a another part in at that point you’re taking your engine apart your placing your engine trying to figure out why that part failed one thing that we learned early on through our oil additive testing is that generally abnormal wear starts out as corrosion starts at is getting corrodes starts an abnormal wear pattern and then the part fails or the engine starts running rough or not running properly and so that’s one of the reasons why one of the number one priority support aslcamguard oil additive products combat that corrosion I’ve always had the analogy that is much like the front and on your car being out of the line your tire starts to wear abnormally seen the entire nails tires about the fact was out of line the same way and most of the almost all of our engines get corrosion related products are abnormal wear working in that engine apart is part fails or are our airplane whatever you’re using our oil additive joy I in that part fails Camguard oil additive prevents carbon build up then that’s where talk more about preventative maintenance preventative maintenance on vehicles had had we been lining the front end up on the far rotating the tires on a regular basis tire would not have started an abnormal wear pattern and so it’s much like his engines Camguard oil additive product line in your engines corrosion never is a chance to start never is yet so that part does not start that abnormal wear pattern in which is aircraft engines automobile engines talk to fellow the other day they can be quite pricey air lights talk to fellow the other day that placed a motor in a BMW and cost of just a little under $15,000 to get that motor replaced because he had a well laid  oil out of the lot that Camguard to help seals gaskets pliable development will so here’s a guy with a nice BMW nice car is out a little less $15,000 he’s got replace the engine is not the type of vehicle you say well the engines out of ascended to the salvage yard is not have been especially when I start talking to about aslcamguard. Learn more at our website  oil additive product line out work and what is really unhappy that he had found this before the but I can sure use these the oil additive product line is vehicle his engines now so we encourage you to get that’s aslcamguard one look at our full line of the oil additive products page for frequently asked questions contact us with aslcamguard website call us at 918-836-6872 will be glad to visit with you answering questions that you might have your current cam guard oil additive user love to hear your story or love. Testimonial our product is what we seek feedback all the time or does visit with our users is anything we can do for you call us at 918-836-6872 or 1-800-826-9252 or visit us on our website at



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