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Well today is the day that decide what to do preventative maintenance on all your engines so that you can assure those engines last you as long as it possibly can go without extensive repair is the website that you can go to get all the information you need about our full line of oil additive products that will help you with that preventive maintenance call us at 918-836-6872 be more than happy to visit with you about our full line of oil additive products preventative maintenance is probably one of the most important things you can do to your engines whether it be aviation, automobile, or heavy-duty equipment by farm equipment is that nature your boat’s marine or small engines like generators things we had a heck of a thunderstorm come through where I live last night, and not are out certainly thankful that my generator was up and functioning without power for about started the generator ran operating exactly as it should have because I have had a generator now for gosh by 15 years that a lot of preventative maintenance on it every year I run the Camguard small engine oil additive product. Visit us at our website to learn more at I know that engine is protected against corrosion, protection against deposit formations, is protected against abnormal wear, because of friction modifiers and its protected data seals and are protected so that they are flexible and they don’t dry out leakier we oil generator that engines running nonstop gently higher power setting and it’s got an oil leak becoming aware of it and can run at the engine on a generator for quick seal degradation molecules that are in our oil additive or to preventative maintenance is extremely important for those in you have some people that don’t do preventative maintenance and other people that you see on the highways as you’re driving into work in the mornings and cars broke down on the side of the road because they haven’t done maintenance on this vehicles that they should have an something’s gone wrong that’s helpless feeling stuck somewhere not having your quit and operate the way you want to especially if you’re using that equipment to make your living with so little bit of preventative maintenance using the Camguard oil additive products to ensure that your engines go the distance for you they may operate properly have abnormal wear and corrosion related issues and you get the most out of that equipment should most automobile engines nowadays are built to run 200 to 250,000 miles with the Camguard oil additive products we run several engines well over 300,000 miles without any issues. Learn more on our website at I’ve done nothing to them except for preventative maintenance Camguard oil additive package so he I believe in preventative maintenance I’ve seen the benefits of it driving a Ford F-150 right now it’s good to 241,000 miles on it is today brand-new is used Camguard oil additive package in this engine to ensure that it operates to its maximum capacity and I get the maximum longevity out of this engine because I want to replace it because it’s extremely expensive and it’s also extremely expensive to buy new vehicles nowadays in our oil additive package guarantees that you get the most out of these engines should some new vehicles costs cost as much as a I paid for my first house in some fellow pay $75,000 for new Dodge Ram pickup the other day off a lot of might be investing in a vehicle but he needs to his first work to make diesel truck is a Camguard user is the place as preventative maintenance believes in using it oil additive package to protect that engine he wants to get 20 years or more work at people’s trailers travels all over the country and he knows that he gets a certain percentage of extra fuel mileage using Camguard oil additive product is friction modifiers anti wear additives felt that engine run smoother and run cooler and less friction wants to get better gas so he knows how important oil additive package is every time he changes his oil delays down line miles to the probably changes his oil every three weeks and had said Camguard will additive is second truck is run on Cam guard will additive think the first one he got 379,000 miles out of it the engine was still running extremely good reasoning. Learn more about our premium synthetic oil additive on our website at trade the truck in person tax reasons can be advantageous for him to get a new vehicle tax reasons otherwise the problem would still be a driving still good engine running visa is one of our Camguard will additive testimonials about our products we know our product do what they say they did oil additive products and will additive products out there will put them up against any oil additive product out most oil additive products that are out there we’ve analyzed the data are generally one or two components solvents sometime where additive and are oil additive has over 11 to 13 different additives in the oil additive package that addresses four things address corrosion address the deposit formation address where seal degradation deposit formation can damage an injured engineer a engine in more ways than you would like to do a lot of deposit formation builds up around rings roundabout guides start fresh and start using your burning oil is what happens is the rings get stuck are not allowed to do their job to see you see that engine not operating formats level see it start using fuel and does deposits cause a hard brittle and they can cause a rings to break his bowels to stick so they can deposits can create a lot of problems up to the point were positive male so we know that our cam guard product helps the deposit formation is vehicles discuss some miles or miles on it is guard at deposit formation added back when he saw does deposits listen to my rings as parts go back to do what they say they will make any claims of came guard is anything below we will tell you is got thousands of antidote evidence that sticky valve problems or issues facing aviation, save airplanes use more oil every two hours started using Camguard. Learn more on our website at or give us a call at 1-800-826-9252 or 918-836-6872.




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